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By Rhea Holleman

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

A zombie apocalypse, dramatic climate changes, a mysterious fast-spreading disease, or simply armed robbers. Will you be prepared when they come? Save yourself, save your friends, save your family.


At, we offer everything you need to survive in life threatening situations. By selling surpluses we can guarantee the lowest prices.

Our stock includes:

  • Military surplus
  • Outdoor and camping gear
  • Mil-spec adventure gear
  • Survival and disaster supplies
  • Knives and tools (New!)
  • Self-defense gear
  • Air-hydrated food

Mr. Hull: “Life has always thrown me curveballs. I like to be prepared for anything that can happen. Major Surplus offers everything I need to protect myself and my family in case of an emergency, and at a fair price too.”

Mrs. Tate: “The customer service is great and the delivery is quick. My husband feels a great deal safer, now that we can save ourselves should an emergency situation occur.”

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Making People Feel Safe Since 1967

By Maggie Tan

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival School has been operating since 1967 and is therefore the oldest survival school in the world. If you are here to gain a solid foundation in zombie survival skills and knowledge, then look no further.

Are you prepared to protect yourself in the wake of a zombie apocalypse?

We offer courses lasting from one to three days and we will make sure that you will be taught everything that you need to know in order to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Among the many basic and advanced zombie survival skills, you will learn:

∙ what to pack for a bug-out bag

∙ how to create a safe shelter and a zombie-free zone

∙ how to build and lead your team

∙ self-defense training

∙ how to handle and use melee weapons, such as the Shaolin Spade

∙ how to use a variety of firearms with real ammunition

∙ fire building skills

∙ how to acquire transportation (e.g. hotwire a car)

∙ basic medical procedures, such as how to stich up a wound

There are an abundance of books on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, but what is better than hands-on experience led by a fully trained and qualified instructor who will guide you through every step of the way?

So join now! Whether you are concerned about the possibility of a zombie outbreak and want to mentally and physically prepare yourself for one or whether you are just out to have some fun!

Go to for more information on the costs and the location.

Anonymous                                                                                                   Nov 1, 2012
“I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve been saved from zombie attacks thanks to the zombie survival skills that I’ve picked up from the training camp!”

Nick Jackelson                                                                                                 May 5, 2013
“When I witnessed a man being attacked in Florida last year, I knew I needed to acquire zombie-fighting skills in order to protect my family. I registered and signed up for the Zombie Apocalypse Survival School at once. The instructor was great and the courses were not only educational but also enjoyable. Now I will not be afraid to take immediate action when I see a zombie. Due to the Zombie Apocalypse Survival School, I feel I am a step closer to being a real man.”

What will you do the DayAfter™? Ensuring the safety of your loved ones in a crisis situation

It is certain that some kind of apocalypse or disaster scenario will unleash its wrath upon the world. “Well, that’s not likely” you say? However, a bit over a decade ago, it wasn’t likely that terrorists would strike at the World Trade Centre in New York either. Now, with the political climate becoming more and more unstable, a measure of preparation has become mandatory for every person that is concerned for the wellbeing of himself and his loved ones. When all hell breaks loose, you will be glad you were prepared for the worst.

As we all know, the first 24 hours are key in any disaster scenario. It is this timeframe that our specially designed survival-kit has been put together for. The DayAfter survival-kit offers you shelter, warmth and sustenance in a compact package that is easily concealable in hostile encounters with other survivors. The DayAfter survival-kit contains all the bare essentials you will need in the first critical hours, which will give any prepared person enough time to fall back to a more secure location, for only $49,95.

However, if you choose to order the DayAfter™ survival-kit from before January 1st, 2014, you will also receive a limited edition, matte-black hand axe from the SurvivalTools™ series. The SurivalTools™ hand-axe is a tool which can be used to collect wood, clear a road, set up camp, or double as a means of personal defense.

“Just having the DayAfter™ survival-kit has given me a sense of ease. I know I’m prepared for anything.” – John Waters (43)