Category: Major Surplus

By Rhea Holleman

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

A zombie apocalypse, dramatic climate changes, a mysterious fast-spreading disease, or simply armed robbers. Will you be prepared when they come? Save yourself, save your friends, save your family.


At, we offer everything you need to survive in life threatening situations. By selling surpluses we can guarantee the lowest prices.

Our stock includes:

  • Military surplus
  • Outdoor and camping gear
  • Mil-spec adventure gear
  • Survival and disaster supplies
  • Knives and tools (New!)
  • Self-defense gear
  • Air-hydrated food

Mr. Hull: “Life has always thrown me curveballs. I like to be prepared for anything that can happen. Major Surplus offers everything I need to protect myself and my family in case of an emergency, and at a fair price too.”

Mrs. Tate: “The customer service is great and the delivery is quick. My husband feels a great deal safer, now that we can save ourselves should an emergency situation occur.”

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